Sat. June 22 // Greensboro, NC // Oden Brewing

Joe G's Summer Bash

The Eyebrows, John Howie Jr. & The Rosewood Bluff, Reece McHenry, Rabbit Fighter, The Bleeding Hearts, The Cured

Sun. June 23 // Charlotte, NC // Neighborhood Theater

Sneakers (dBs w/ Mitch Easter) + The Eyebrows

Sat. July 27 // Greensboro, NC // The Flat Iron

The Eyebrows, Being Followed, Them Pants & Heath Haynes


Fri. Jan. 19 // Raleigh, NC // The Night Rider

w/ Secret Monkey Weekend + Pearl & Charlotte Holding Company

Fri. Feb. 9 // Charlotte, NC // Tommy's Pub


w/ The Trick Threat + The Cocker Spaniels

Sat. Feb. 16 // Asheville, NC // Burger Bar

w/ YAWNi, Lurky Skunk + This Greasy Hound

Sat. Feb. 24 // Richmond, VA // Garden Grove Brewing

w/ Mayday + WKNDR

Sat. Mar. 23 // Raleigh, NC // Slim's Downtown

w/ Secret Monkey Weekend, Banff, & Jupiter Two

Sat. Apr. 20 // Charlotte, NC // Petra'sALBUM RELEASE PARTY - DOUBLE TAKE

w/ Flame Tides + Rabbit Fighter

Fri. May 24 // Raleigh, NC // Transfer Ballroom

The Veldt, Dead Cool, Honeychild, Stray Owls, Jay Garrigan (of The Eyebrows)

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🎸🌟 Our Third Album 🎸🌟


"Behind the Echos"

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April 15-19 - Free

Embark on an immersive exploration into the sonic depths of the latest album alongside the band!

Dive headfirst into the chaotic underbelly of our world by hitching a ride on our exclusive mailing list.

Experience an initiation into the esoteric ritual of album creation, where you'll be granted access to pre-release echoes before they resonate across the digital expanse.

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