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We're riding high on the vibe – just got a nomination for "Best Live Show Past 12 Months" from the QC Nerve readers. The buzz is real.

Mark your calendars: February 2024, we're dropping our next single, the wild and untamed "Say Yeah!"

And brace yourselves for the big one in April 2024 – the third album, the mind-bending DOUBLE TAKE will have arrived!


Feb.-April 2024

The Eyebrows, composed of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jay Garrigan, bassist and vocalist Darrin Gray, and drummer Shawn Lynch, have cemented their place in the music scene since their formation in 2018. Born from deep-seated friendships and an almost telepathic musical connection, the trio has garnered acclaim for their electrifying blend of '70s punk, power pop, and a hint of shoegaze, drawing comparisons to legends like Alex Chilton of Big Star and Robin Zander of Cheap Trick. Their unique sound, characterized by anthemic rockers, sleaze-rock guitars, and irresistibly catchy vocals, has captivated audiences and critics alike, earning praise from prestigious outlets such as Magnet, Glide, and No Depression.

Their third album, "DOUBLE TAKE," presents an innovative concept where the second side reflects an entirely different recording, mix, and vibe of the songs from the first, including bonus tracks. The album's production saw collaboration with Mitch Easter at Fidelitorium studios for the first side, delivering a sound that's both fresh and rocktastic. The second side, recorded and mixed by Jay Garrigan in their practice space and mastered by Bill Skibbe at Third Man Mastering, pays homage to the live b-side cuts reminiscent of early REM, offering listeners a richly diverse auditory experience.

Fans of The Eyebrows can sign up on their website for a week-long preview of DOUBLE TAKE by participating in their online event “Behind The Echos” from April 15-19 where fans can embark on an immersive exploration into the sonic depths of the latest album alongside the band!

Celebrate this groundbreaking release with The Eyebrows at their album release party, set for Friday, April 20, at Petra’s in Charlotte, NC. "DOUBLE TAKE".

Recent Press

“The Eyebrows are a rock band from Charlotte, NC, whose quirky lyrics — coupled with manic-fuzz guitar, beer-soaked bass and a retro backbeat — have brought comparisons to the Talking Heads and Pixies with a touch of The Stranglers and Modern Lovers.” – The Big Takeover

“The 10-track Volume was produced by North Carolina legend Mitch Easter (R.E.M., Pavement, Helium), and it displays a pretty comprehensive knowledge of the indie/college/whatever rock that’s come before it. “Avocado” is one of the standouts, and it finally answers the age-old question about what it would it sound like if the Pixies and King Missile jammed in the B-52s’ garage.” – Magnet Magazine

“There. Are. No. Duds. On. This. Record. Honestly, the album only seems to get better and better as it goes along. Just when I think I’ve decided upon my favorite cut, another one comes along. Plenty of bands would sacrifice everything for a greatest-hits album this good.” – Bill Kopp, Musoscribe


The Eyebrows | Photo by Jim Collins

The Eyebrows | Photo by Jim Collins

The Eyebrows | Photo by Jim Collins

The Eyebrows | Photo by Jenn Mott Redd

The Eyebrows | Photo by Jim Collins

The Eyebrows opening for Matthew Sweet | Photo by Daniel Coston

The Eyebrows | Photo by Chris Edwards

The Eyebrows | Photo by Tyler Baum

The Eyebrows | Photo by Daniel Coston

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"Behind the Echos"

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Embark on an immersive exploration into the sonic depths of the latest album alongside the band!

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